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About Shiori

She was born and raised in Japan. After living in a small town for a long time, she developed a desire to live somewhere new to experience things she could not experience in her hometown. After graduating high school, Shiori packed her suitcase and came to the U.S. to start her life in a new environment.

Years have passed and Shiori now feels that Seattle is her home. When she is not dancing, she enjoys cooking and taking care of her organic vegetable garden. Shiori is very passionate about eating healthy and keeping body, mind, and soul balanced. Her philosophy of life comes from Aikido - "the way of harmonious spirit."

Shiori & Belly Dancing

Shiori discovered the art of belly dancing in 2007. After her first belly dance lesson, she immediately fell in love with this beautiful feminine dance and its Middle Eastern music. Since then, Shiori has been studying the art of belly dancing from well-respected belly dance artists in the Seattle area. 

Shiori loves the dance because she can bring out her creative side and express different feelings while dancing it. Shiori truly enjoys bringing smiles to people's faces while dancing. When Shiori dances, audiences see both the beauty of the dance and her fun and playful personality.

Currently Shiori performs at Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant in Seattle. She also performs at private events.